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Contemporary Leadership Class notes

Contemporary Leadership Class notes - Transformational...

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Transactional-- Transformational-- Pseudo-transformational— not important, unethical form of transformational Berns— Transactional leadership is when one person takes initiative to contact others for exchange of valued things (a transaction), takes people as it finds them, doesn’t involve improving people EX: businesses, employer induces employee to maximize sales with incentive of maintaining job and perhaps a raise Constraints: truth telling, promise keeping, faithful delivery of promised rewards, non- discrimination, equal opportunity, cant be for an immoral end
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Unformatted text preview: Transformational leadership: raises conscious of followers, enourages the seeking of a common good, or higher shared purpose, raise one another to higher levels of motivation and morality, FUSED purposes, makes us better (more virtuous) people, when followers look beyond self-interest into group interest (ex: employees), Berns and bass see it as motivating followers to pursue a morally better end than those they were previously inclined to do...
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