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HOMEWORK 7- Solomon vs - Solomon vs. Henry Ford Charisma, a...

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Solomon vs. Henry Ford Charisma, a word meaning “gift” and “divine favor” by its original meaning in Greek, describes a scarce characteristic in a particular person which usually alludes too charm and a type of magnetic feature in the fields of character and image. From that comes a seductive and compelling communicator and persuader. Despite the definitions such as this one, which try to pinpoint the possession or application of charisma as being one thing, Solomon says that charisma is not actually a distinguishable trait of personality or character. He argues that it’s just a non-explainable thing that contributes to an emotional relationship of trust between leaders and the led. Solomon describes the type of charisma a leader must have to have a good following, and in doing so, he expands on the framework of trust necessary in the relationship between the leader and the led. However, regardless of this, he says that it’s up to the led to decide whether or not to trust, meaning that the followers are the ultimate power in any leader/follower relationship. He says that, people could get a lot farther if there was a good and trusting relationship between leaders and their followers. An example of such a leader is George Washington. His biggest strength in his charisma was his passion, a key component, according to Solomon. He writes that all emotions, such as a “gut-feeling”, is conditioned in one’s head. All feelings are cognitively loaded. For example, in order for anger or melancholy to be felt, one needs to
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HOMEWORK 7- Solomon vs - Solomon vs. Henry Ford Charisma, a...

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