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Ely Khakshouri 2533316052 Philosophy 335 April 23, 2007 Peter Singer’s Cosmopolitan Leadership and the Leadership of Pope John Paul II In this analysis, philosopher and ethics activist Peter Singer will have his views and leadership model compared and contrasted to that of Pope John Paul II. Peter Singer is a well-educated philosopher with a degree from Oxford University. He’s most famous for his many books, his Great Ape project, and his continuous donation of one-fifth of his earnings to hunger-oriented organizations and charities. When Princeton University initially expressed interest in hiring him in 1999, there was uproar and outrage because of his “Nazi-like” views with regards to abortion and other ethical issues. He was well known for his saying, “killing may be more moral” in response to a baby who was born with severe health issues. A leader of Utilitarian beliefs, Peter Singer is a man who goes about his daily life with the belief that actions depend on consequences. This is rather similar to the “Golden Rule” which asserts that one should commit his/herself to the idea that the right act considers who will be most affected and how many people will actually benefit. The primary application of his leadership model so far in his life has been in the field of animal rights, his strongest opposition being from German speaking countries and American-anti-abortion-activists. The style of leadership he has asserted is Global leadership, in which there is an intellectual arena where leaders can be persuaded and a moral lens can be adopted by world problems for future leaders. In doing so, an understanding can be reached with regards to the success and/or failure of global leaders. Such propositions lead his
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HOMEWORK_8-_Peter_Singer_vs_John_Paul_II - Ely Khakshouri...

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