Quiz 9 Some Useful Info

Quiz 9 Some Useful Info - Locations of Processes...

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Locations of Processes - Mitochondrial Matrix o Citric acid cycle o Fatty acid B-oxidation o pH rises during electron transport o ketone bodies are formed - within inner mitochondrial membrane lipid + protein bilayer o oxygen reacts within Complex IV - cytosol o glycolysis o formation of a urea molecule o protein kinase A is activated How FA in Cytosol Gets into the Mitochondrial Matrix Overall Idea: FA converted into “activated” form 1. FA attacks ATP, pyrophosphate is released (bind in active side) 2. CoA binds in active site, then nucleophilic attack forms fatty acyl-CoA 3. Product is fatty acyl-CoA To Drive this reaction, pyrophosphate undergoes hydrolysis and gives favorable ∆G 1. Carnitine substitutes CoA by enzyme Canitine acyltransferase I, the molecule passes through membrane via protein transport 2. Canitine acyltransferase II, substitutes CoA for carnitine Note: for entire process of FA catabolism: Transport is regulated B-Oxidation of Fatty Acids Overall RXN: FA-CoA + 7CoA + 7FAD + 7NAD+ + 7 H2O
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Quiz 9 Some Useful Info - Locations of Processes...

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