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AEM 322 - Assignment 1

AEM 322 - Assignment 1 - Simon Wong AEM 322 Assignment 1...

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Simon Wong 2/7/08 AEM 322 – Assignment 1 Prof. Leiponen Computers and transistors 1. Since all information can be represented and used by computers by binary code (which is based on the digits 0 and 1), this is said to be called digital. 2. Vacuum tubes are supposed to amplify, switch or modify an electrical signal by controlling how the electrons move in a low pressure space. In the modern day computer, the vacuum tube’s counterparts are the semiconductors. 3. Early computers such as Zuse’s computer, ABC, and ENIAC were all created to help with engineering calculations. 4. Howard H. Aiken is accredited to saying “only six electronic…..” According to history, Aiken made this remark after he was inspired by difference engine created by J.H. Mullen. The difference engine was created to solve polynomial function. I believe that Aiken made this remark after seeing the amazing progress computer technology was making and merely extrapolated this growth.
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