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Simon Wong 4/20/08 AEM 322 – Assignment 5 Prof. Aija Leiponen 1. There are several websites that I frequent on a daily basis, they are: is a user-submitted link site for anything the users find interesting. I come here for a quick synopsis of current events from anything ranging from politics, to new scientific findings, or just to read some funny articles. Most of the community expresses itself through comments underneath each link. These comments usually involve popular memes created through the internet. My only problems with the site are that since the content of the site is decided by the user base, some issues may be provided for only one side. For instance, the users are incredibly pro-Obama and all the links regarding the debates all favor Obama’s side. Fantasy Sports (through A lot of sports lovers love to do fantasy sports where everything is based on statistics of each player. Basically person in a league becomes a manager of a team. At the start of the sports season, each league conducts a draft of the available professional players. I do this every year for football, basketball, and baseball. Sometimes, these leagues are done with a “pot” or a cash reward for the winning teams. Since I personally am I sports fanatic, this connects me with other sports fanatics as well. Not only that, but it helps me keep track of my favorite teams and players as well as providing an enjoyable stage for competition. and is set as my default homepage. The company’s business model is very simple. Each day, the company obtains a large quantity of 1 single item and then it wholesales it for an incredibly low price with the intention of selling out of the item. They also have a standard $5 shipping rate. From this business model sprang an entire community. There are many third-party users that helps buyers compare prices around the internet or provide reviews for the product being sold. Also, since generally has a first come first serve policy, every night at midnight as the item being sold changes, many “Wooters” will check the website to make sure they don’t miss out on a good deal.
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AEM 322 - Assignment 5 - Simon Wong AEM 322 Assignment 5 1....

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