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Simon Wong 3/24/08 Case 7 – eBay Prof. Aija Leiponen Customer Value eBay is a very unique online auction website. As it is the largest online website, it has the biggest community of users. Therefore you get a wide range of items available, as wells as a wide range of buyers. Also, eBay makes auctioning more convenient with its “bid proxy” feature. Through eBay, you not only get great deals, but can also meet people with similar interests. Other than just providing a large user base, eBay also provides a level of security and trust that goes a long with each auctioned item. There are a few methods to ensure a smooth transaction. First, there is a feedback system which allows you to rate or be rated by fellow users. There is also an optional escrow service. And finally, there is Paypal, which helps you track your transaction. Scope The scope of eBay is actually quite large. Although eBay is not technically a worldwide phenomenon, it is technically able to reach all households who have a computers and internet
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