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AEM 322 - Case 9 - Linux 2004

AEM 322 - Case 9 - Linux 2004 - Simon Wong Case 9 Linux in...

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Simon Wong 4/10/08 Case 9 – Linux in 2004 Prof. Aija Leiponen 1. There is one major difference between open source software and that of other software. In open source software one is able to freely copy the program and redistribute it with or without modifications. The distributor does not necessarily have to charge a fee but is able to do so as they please. Also, the distributor does not have to release the modifications to the public if he or she chooses not to do so. Most of the above is said from the GNU General Public License that protects the public’s right to freely copy and distribute intellectual property. 2. Most of the actual development of open source software is done by “volunteer” programmers. Unlike most the development of normal software, open source software can be viewed as a collaboration of the expertise of the public and not just one company. This, according to the case study, improves parallel programming and allows for more scenarios to play out to help with debugging.
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