AEM 322 Case 9- - Simon Wong AEM 322 – Case 9 Metanomics Prof Aija Leiponen 1 I have not played Second Life However from what I have witnessed in

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Unformatted text preview: Simon Wong 4/4/08 AEM 322 – Case 9 - Metanomics Prof. Aija Leiponen 1.) I have not played Second Life. However, from what I have witnessed in similar products, the attacks of the media on such an experience being an escape from reality hold some grain of truth. 2.) As Mr. Kapor said in the interview, Second Life outlines reasons why they have a first- mover advantage. First, Linden Lab was successful in creating a platform where there are many users (when compared to other virtual worlds). Through the advantage of the number of users, Linden Labs have the advantage of finance and also a larger knowledge base. Because of these advantages, Mr. Kapor feels as though it is up to Linden Labs to be the leader in innovation in virtual worlds as they have the biggest resource in knowledge. 3.) Mr. Kapor feels as though there are parallels to the development of Second Life and virtual worlds to the development of MS-DOS and the Windows operating system. Throughout the interview, Mitch Kapor alludes to the fact that Second Life is far from perfect and feels as...
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