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Bio 311c ch4 chapter notes - Learning objectives Chapter 3...

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Learning objectives Chapter 3 continued – Know how to calculate the concentrations of solutions percentage, molarity, and osmolarity. Be able to convert between expressions. Chapter 4 (pp.58-66) Carbon compounds Define organic chemistry. Explain the basis for carbon’s ability to form structurally diverse molecules. Learn to account for the proper number of bonds in organic compounds. Distinguish among the three types of isomers: structural, geometric, and enantiomer (aka optical). Be able to recognize, name and draw major functional groups. Identify types of organic compounds by the ending of the name. Apply your understanding of polarity to infer solubility characteristics of organic compounds. Bio 311c ch4 chapter notes Organic Chemistry is the study of carbon compounds Organic chemistry- branch of chem. that specializes in the study of carbon compounds Range from simple molecules such as methane to things such as protein Different species of organisms and different individuals within a species are distinguished by variations in their organic molecules The science of organic chem. originated in attempts to purify and improve the yield of our products from other organisms Vitalism-belief in a life force outside the jurisdiction of physical and chemical laws provided the foundation for the new discipline of organic chem. Mechanism-the view that physical and chemical laws govern all natural phenomena including the processes of life
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Organisms produce most of the naturally occurring organic compounds and these molecules represent a diversity and range of complexity unrivaled by inorganic compounds Carbon atoms can form diverse molecules by bonding to four other atoms
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Bio 311c ch4 chapter notes - Learning objectives Chapter 3...

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