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World Peace It is the final round of the beauty pageant and the competitors are sneaking to find ways to win the crown. It is time for the questions and it is up to the contestant to sound as charming as ever, even if she does not truly mean it. The last pageant contestant steps up to the microphone and waits for her destined question; If you could change one thing about the world what would it be? With a beautiful smile, the girl simply replies, world peace. It is the typical response to win the crown; but maybe this beautiful contestant is on to something. In fact she is on to something. The greatest way to connect with the world is to connect with all of its inhabitants, which could result in world peace. David Abram, author of, “The Ecology of Magic” and Amy Chua, the writer of, “A World on Edge,” both deal with the topic of world peace, which ultimately begins with self. In Abram’s essay, he writes about the awareness of humans to the awareness of other worlds. He studies the environment, hoping to communicate with animals to finally get inside another creature’s head. In Chua’s essay, she writes about humans being too self- consumed that we do not pay attention to other people different than us. Both writers express the egocentric nature that humans are, which is why there are so many outbreaks occurring in the world today. There is an immense amount of stress and tension between people and other cultures, and people with the environment. Consequently, it is up to us humans, to make things right and to one day, finally achieve world peace. Despite Western society and other cultures believing in the freedom of religion and no longer enslaving, there is still tension between the majorities and minorities of the world. Cultures believe their traditions and rituals are the right way even though most are taught to be tolerant of diversity, they continue to preach of their culture being the best.
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Various cultures are teaching followers how great their background is which are why there are many conflicts in the world. In Chua’s essay, there is an example where the English culture is below the Chinese. This is shown when the narrator says, “My mother broke he news to me in our native Hokkien Chinese dialect. But ‘murder’ she said in English, as if to wall of the act from the family through language” (Chua 102). In other
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paper4 - World Peace It is the final round of the beauty...

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