paper5 - Get Up Off Your Feet! Democracy is defined as the...

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Get Up Off Your Feet! Democracy is defined as the free and equal right of every person to participate in a system of government, often practiced by electing representatives of the people by the people. It is a country with a government that has been elected freely and equally by all its citizens; however, is that what democracy means? Americans generally agree that democracy is the ideal form of government, but Amy Chua, author of, “A World on Edge,” and Lani Guinier, writer of, “Second Proms and Second Primaries: The Limits of Majority Rule,” both point to problems that suggest democracy is often less than ideal, even problematic. With a government based on majority rule, many problems arise due to the diversity in the population. The minorities feel outnumbered by the majorities, thus feeling that the majorities have power creating an unfair ratio in the voting system of a democratic government. It can be questioned whether democracy is truly an unbalanced government serving to only the majorities but the truth in many cases has been that the minorities found a glitch in America to cry out discrimination. In Lani Guinier ‘s essay, we read about Brother Rice High School and how they held two senior proms; one prom was for the while students, and the other was for the black. The black students felt discriminated against by the white students with the democratic process of how they choose music for the prom, which is how two proms were created. The black students felt that, “‘for every vote we had, there were eight votes for what they wanted…. [W]ith us being in the minority we’re always outvoted. It’s as if we don’t count’” (Guinier 234). It sounds like a just argument, being that Brother Rice High School was predominantly white, however, is this a stab at
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democracy or another way to pity themselves with discrimination. In America, it is unconstitutional to discriminate against another race, yet it is still present in society. It has been a known fact that if there is a toss up between a white male going for a job and a black male going for the same position, the white male will get it. In the case of the two proms at Brother Rice, the prom committee, although all white, wanted to reach out to get everyone’s opinions on the music. The only way to create a fair system was to do
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paper5 - Get Up Off Your Feet! Democracy is defined as the...

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