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For the final project, I want to do a craft project that demonstrates what is American about America. For the most part, I find that Americans are all about finding new things and developing new ideas. We’re constantly developing new technologies and we’re never satisfied with what we have; we always crave more. We live on the philosophy of process more than European’s philosophy of product. We have music, cars, and fashion, which just keep changing each year. What is “in” one day can be “out” the next. I want to take something old, and use it with something new. Walt Whitman’s
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Unformatted text preview: Leaves of Grass is a book of poems that Whitman kept adding more and more poems to. I want to take a few of his poems (2-3), and bring it to life with animation from today’s media. I want to use power point, and create a mini-movie that brings his poems to life by enhancing the words, adding graphics, and using today’s technology, for yesterdays work. Like Hollywood does with books and turn them into movies, I want to take poems, and turn it into something people can see. I want to use sound and images to express his poems....
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