Socratic irony

Socratic irony - The Use of Irony and Recollection in the...

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The Use of Irony and Recollection in the Socratic Method Within the Socratic Method, irony is used to bring out knowledge through recollection. This systematic method is useful in many aspects. This use of an ironic standpoint allows Socrates to insist upon a unique theory of knowledge. In Socratic irony the role of the student and teacher are reversed. It is used to allow a person to question and reconsider truths that they believe they know to be true. As a result of the roles being reversed, the questioning allows a person to come to conclusions on their own account, by either affirming or negating the proposal. Through this ability to come to wisdom without the need of direct teaching shows that the information was actually already known. Socrates theory of knowledge states that one does not learn, but actually only remembers, and that all things knowable reside within a person’s soul. Through experience and an appetite for truth, a person unlocks this information. This theory works alongside the use of irony in the Socratic Method. In the pursuit of knowledge regarding a term by way of Socratic irony, the teacher professes ignorance and encourages investigation by the student. This tactic has certain advantages. By allowing the student to respond with his own opinion and own thought, he will not feel threatened or feel the need to defend an unfounded truth of the term in question. In turn, this unimposing questioning allows for the student to clearly evaluate the validity of the
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Socratic irony - The Use of Irony and Recollection in the...

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