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1Chris Tomlinson College Comp I Professor Reavey February 19, 2007 “Television Ads are Showing America the Wrong Path” A spacious bathroom with the typical housewife holding a mop and bucket is presented to the viewer. Everything is perfect from the tiled white floors to the perfectly straight pictures; not a thing is out of place. The whole scene gives off a sterile feeling leaving the viewer wishing that his or her own bathroom looked like that. The image of the housewife gives the viewer a feeling of empathy. Every woman has gone through the dull routine of cleaning a bathroom. Once the viewer is feeling sympathetic for the housewife and jealous of her accomplishment a background voice starts to speak. “To clean your bathroom, you need different cleaners for the floor, the shower, the tub, the counter, and behind the toilet. ..” Suddenly the viewer is confronted with images of dirt and grime. What they once saw as the perfectly clean bathroom has suddenly turned into a germ fest. Well, the viewer thinks, if her bathroom turned out to be that nasty, mine must be worse! The viewers’ attention is now completely on the commercial trying to find an answer for the filth that she is now confronted with. The voice continues, “. ..or you could use the only all in one tool for five bathroom surfaces Mr. Clean Magic Reach with two cleaning pads. Its scrubbing pad powers soap scum from the shower while its mopping pad leaves sinks and counters gleaming. Or even hard to reach places like behind the toilet Mr. Clean Magic Reach the only all in one tool for 5 bathroom surfaces.” Television ads such as this are telling America what we need to clean our house with, but what makes Mr. Clean better than the generic cleaning brand that can be found at a local Acme or Shop Rite? Has dirt and grime Tomlinson 1
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evolved so much that only Mr. Clean can be a housewife’s savior? Television ads like this exploit the fact that Americans want to be the best, and it intimates which brands need to be in the common American household. Most products in stores today are so similar to each other that it takes the marketing from television to differentiate what product is “better.” Richard and Joyce Wolkomir in “You Are What You Buy” would both agree in the assessment that there is little difference between the products, but how the public perceives it. In “You Are What You Buy,” James Twitchell, a professor of 19 th century poetry, illustrates this principle when talking about Schlitz beer. Schlitz beer claimed to steam clean its beer bottles, however, it was common practice for beer companies to steam clean their bottles; the only difference was that Schlitz proclaimed that they used this practice. This gave the sense that Schlitz beer was more pure than the rest of the breweries. Obviously Schlitz beer was no more pure than the next beer, but the feeling behind having it made consumers feel as if they were in a higher class than the non-Schlitz drinkers. Should a certain item really be able to dictate to Americans that there are separate classes
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CCI - Advertisement Essay Revised - Tomlinson 1 1Chris...

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