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Thesis – Those who argue Title IX implies that cheerleaders should be present for games of both sexes are taking the law out of context because there is no discrimination taking place. 1. Intro a) Whitney High problem b) What Title IX is (3) c) Thesis 2. Reason – discrimination implies no choice a) Girls have choice b) Discriminating against cheerleaders a. Can’t cheer for what team they want
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Unformatted text preview: b. (1) 3. Reason – some say that cheerleaders will bring more enthusiasm a) Awkward for cheerleaders and teams b) Hostility towards cheerleaders a. (2) c) Cheerleading becoming a sport – not service to cheer a. Maryland article b. Need rivals in sports 5. Conclusion a) Distraction for everyone b) Cheerleaders no fun – drop out (7) c) Some other stuff SLEEP!!!...
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