Unit C Report I Answers

Unit C Report I Answers - Sec. 001 Report I, Unit C BMB 471...

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Sec. 001 Report I, Unit C BMB 471 – Report I – Experimental Unit C Answers 1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a. What quantity of solid material from the bottle labeled FMN did you weigh on the analytical balance? i. 0.0670 grams FMN b. Show how you calculated the true concentration of the stock FMN solution, in mM, from this weight and the information on the Certificate of Analysis (do not show how you calculated the amount of FMN to weigh). i. 0.06697 grams FMN=(478.33 g FMN/1 mol FMN)*x moles FMN x=0.00014 mol FMN purity = (100%-4.8% water loss) x 74% = 70.45%=0.7045 0.00014 mol FMN (pure)*0.7045=9.86e^-5 moles FMN (as is) 9.86e^-5 moles FMN/0.1 L solution=0.000986M FMN 0.000986 M FMN *1000 = 0.986 mM FMN 2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a. What is your measured value for the molar extinction coefficient of FMN? i. Value without filter: 10972.222/M*cm ii. Value without filter (2 nd trial): 10988.095/M*cm 1. Filter position used: 0 position iii. Value with filter: 11174.44/M*cm iv. Value with filter (2 nd trial): 11195.0/M*cm 1. Filter position used: 1 position 3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a. Describe the procedure you used to obtain the values of the extinction coefficients (without and with the filter) from the raw absorbance values obtained from the spectrophotometer, i.e. the steps you went through following collection of the data until the extinction coefficients were obtained. i. The extinction coefficient can be obtained for each data set by finding the slope of the line (linear portion) on a graph of absorbance vs. concentration. To simplify, an online linear regression tool was used (www.xuru.org), where absorbance and concentration values were entered and an equation for the line of the data (linear portion) was produced (y=mx+b format). The value of “m” in this equation is also known as the slope of the line,
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Unit C Report I Answers - Sec. 001 Report I, Unit C BMB 471...

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