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Thesis – Parents aren’t accepting the fact that their children are in danger of becoming overweight, so schools should take the liberty of monitoring students’ BMI and relaying it to their parents. 1. Introduction a. Mother’s sending kids away with money to buy lunch. i. Don’t know what they buy. (personal experience) b. 30% of children are considered overweight (2/3 of that obese). i. In 2006 between 6-19 years old ii. Center of Disease Control c. Some parents don’t listen to all the warning signs i. (4-1) d. Thesis 2. Reason – Knowledge of their children’s BMI is essential for parents if they are to help them. a. Definition of overweight and obesity. b. How BMI works i. (5-2) ii. How/why it’s used c. Earlier identification better. i. Pediatrician or better lifestyle from parents. 3. Reason – Children who are overweight are more likely to obtain diseases and be subject to verbal harassment than normal sized children.
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Unformatted text preview: a. (6-2) b. (7-2) c. (8-1) coupled with personal experience i. Tubby, fatty, chunk. ii. Pools with shirts on. d. Turns into a loop i. Sad because big – big because sad. Eating is for boredom and a coping mechanism. 4. Conclusion – Childhood obesity is a serious epidemic effecting children all over the United States , and steps must be taken to control it. a. Disagree with sending it in report cards. b. Agree with the purpose and reason. c. Just reporting the numbers to parents (always did it before). (9-1) d. Personal experience (parents should have taken stronger stance) Overweight - Weighing more than is normal, necessary, or allowed, especially having more body weight than is considered normal or healthy for one's age or build. Obese - Extremely fat; grossly overweight....
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