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Chem - Lab Experiment 5 - 1Chris Tomlinson(Alan and Zach...

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Unformatted text preview: 1Chris Tomlinson (Alan and Zach) Lab Report - Experiment 5 October 25, 2006 Abstract Scientists deal with a variety of chemicals and multiple properties often reoccur in relation to their position on the periodic table. Using a clear well plate, the solubility of Alkaline Earth Metals was tested by adding various anions and observing whether or not a precipitate formed. The oxidizing powers of Halogens were also tested in another experiment. A hexane layer was added to a halogen solution, and then a solution containing a halide ion was added in order to determine whether or not there was a color change in the hexane layer (indicating oxidizing power). The higher up on the periodic table proved to be both more soluble and stronger in oxidation in the Alkaline Earth Metals and Halogens respectively. Data See attached papers. Results and discussion With the Alkaline Earth Metals, the solubility of 4 elements were tested (Ba, Ca, Mg, and Sr). 4 separate anions were added of different molarity to try and determine whether or not the element...
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