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Chem - Lab Experiment 7 - KSCN from 1 mL to 5 mL Using...

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1Chris Tomlinson (Zach and Alan) Lab Report #7 November 15, 2006 Abstract The purpose of this lab was to determine the equilibrium constant of a chemical reaction. Several reactions occurred when solutions containing different concentrations of reactants were mixed. One of the reactants, Fe(NO 3 ) 3 , was kept constant throughout the solutions while the other reactants varied. A spectrophotometer was used to determine the absorbency of the solutions and a calibration curve (matched with the A value) was used to determine the concentration of different products. Using these concentrations helped to determine the final concentrations and equilibrium constant. The experiment showed that K eq does not depend on the concentration of starting materials. Results and Discussion In this experiment, Fe(NO 3 ) 3 was kept constant throughout all 5 solutions, however, we varied
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Unformatted text preview: KSCN from 1 mL to 5 mL. Using values from the spectrophotometer and calibration curve, we could determine the equilibrium concentration of FeSCN by using an ICE table. The average K eq was 153.2481 for all the solutions. The standard deviation was 15.19053 for all the solutions. These results were what we expected to see as changing the concentration of SCN was not supposed to affect K eq under similar conditions. Solution #1 strayed from the values (causing the somewhat high standard deviation number) a little bit and that could be due to misuse of the spectrophotometer or not preparing the solution correctly. Either way, the experiment verified its objective, which was to show that K eq does not depend on the concentration of starting materials....
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