MIDTERM - Marketing Fundamentals (BUAD 307) Midterm Exam...

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1 Marketing Fundamentals (BUAD 307) Midterm Exam – Closed book and notes October 15, 2008 Total Points: 160 (4:00 to 5:50 pm) Name: ________________ Student ID Number: ________________ < This is not the general yada-vada, please DO read them once !! You will be thankful you did it later!! > GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Total Pages: There are 16 pages including this page. Quickly check if you have them all. Total Time: Total Time is 110 minutes (one hour and fifty minutes) . If you follow the timing guidelines below every question, the paper should take you less than an hour and 30 minutes. You should spend the remaining time to go over the paper again to ensure you’ve answered all questions to your satisfaction. Total Points: All points are given at the start of the question/section. Some sections contain bonus points - the total points will exceed 160 - to keep the fairness in terms of the amount of effort in answering the questions or to keep a balance in distribution of the materials along the syllabus. . ANSWERING: 1. TRY to ATTEMPT ALL questions. Write whatever you know about the question. 2. Avoid writing unnecessary points for short/detailed answers. You may use “bullet points” answers, to conserve space, but makes sure you communicate your message clearly. 3. When in doubt or when you are not in a position to use the right terminology or concept , provide more explanation or use relevant examples to show whatever you understand. 4. Please avoid writing everything you know about the subject of the question, thus trying the “instructor, now you pick your choice from my answers!” - you will not be given full credits if there are unwanted issues that are not relevant to the question!! At the same time, this should not discourage you to write whatever you know of about the question to get partial credits. <this is the yada-vada instructions that you already know!!> Other instructions: At the end of the exam don’t forget to return the exam booklet. Turn off any other information processing unit such as your cell phones and laptops!!! Please adhere to the USC / Marshall School's policy on academic integrity throughout the test process. GOOD LUCK!!
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2 Section 1 – True or False ( 1 point each) Total points: 10 Time allocated: [< 10 minutes] [Please circle the BEST answer clearly. In case of multiple changes – please also write the answer in the blank space on the right hand side of the choices. This would avoid ambiguity!] 1. The difference between human needs and wants is that needs are states of felt deprivation while wants are needs as shaped by culture and individual personality. (Answer: True; p. 6; ) 2. A disadvantage of the BCG matrix approach is that it focuses on the current business and provides little for future planning. (Answer: True; p. 40; )
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MIDTERM - Marketing Fundamentals (BUAD 307) Midterm Exam...

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