11-9-07 - Mechanical Response Si covalent bond Metal...

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11/9/07 Mechanical Response Si: covalent bond Metal: metallic bonds Polymer: covalent and van der Waals bonds. When you look at a product like a chip- you put together three classes of material-a ceramic like material (in terms in mechanical behavior), in the interconnects-metallic bonding, which is very different from covalent bonds— cations surrounded by a sea of electrons, polymers which is held together by covalent bonds and by van der Waal interactions. A Review on plastic deformation and elastic stretching. Different behaviors (diagram on slide) o Different materials behave differently o Materials within the same class behave differently. o Top-ceramic, middle-metal, bottom-plastic Metallic Bonds: metal ions in sea of electrons o Each metal contribute electrons-have cations that aren’t fixed, but they are relatively fluid in a glue of electrons that keeps them in electrostatically. It allows these atoms to be fluid (atoms that aren’t quite fixed in position) o The picture is quite compactable—metals have electrons that can move when you apply a voltage. Elastic Deformation o Diagram on slide o Atomic scale: bonds act like elastic springs o You see that at atomic scale-have metallic atoms in domains. When you apply a deformation, when relatively small in elastic regime, the bonds
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start stretching like an elastic spring. When you release the stress, as an elastic spring, the bonds will snap back to the original position. o You are in a position, where the stress is small enough, the atomic bonds are like a spring—the stress upon release, atoms will return to their original position. o
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11-9-07 - Mechanical Response Si covalent bond Metal...

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