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11-14-07 - Note these arent completedget them from the...

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11/14/07 Note: these aren’t completed…get them from the slide Nanosensors: Atomic Force Microscopy Biological Applicaqtion of AFM o Adhesion mode o To study and quantify intermolecular forces o Detailed imaging (nm scale) o Can be used to: detection of antibody-antigen interaction forces with AFM. In afm, A PIEXOCERMAIC TRANSLATOR MOVES AN ANTIBODY SURFACEAWAY FROM A CANTILEVER UNTIL A SINGLE ANTIBODY-Antigen bond breaks. Measuring Current with AFM: o Info on the elctricial properties of the sample….etc Hisotry: o Stylus profiler: Measure vertical features Gauged with optical lever arm Generated images of magnification greater than a 1000x o Noncontact stylus profiler Used electron field emission current Image dependent upon distance between probe and electrically conductive sample. o Problem: water on sample-can ruin the electron field emission detection STM:
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o Monictors electrons tunneling current (electron behavior as waves of energy) o More sensitive than field emissions o Needs conductive properties AFM: o Extremely high resolution o Provies 3 d surface profile o Light lever used for measuring the motion of the cantilever o AFM improves by vibrating the cantilever above the surface.
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