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BILD 3 Chapter 26

BILD 3 Chapter 26 - Chapter 26 The Tree of Life(An...

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Chapter 26: The Tree of Life (An Introduction to Biological Diversity) Protobionts – Aggregates of abiotically produced molecules surrounded by a membrane or membrane-like structure; exhibit some of the properties associated with life, including simple reproduction and metabolism, as well as maintenance of an internal chemical environment different from that of their surroundings. Ribozymes – RNA that play a central role in protein synthesis; can carry out a number of enzyme-like catalytic functions. Radiometric Dating – Method for obtaining absolute dates for fossils; based on the decay of radioactive isotopes. Half-Life – The number of years it takes for 50% of the original sample to decay; unaffected by temperature, pressure, and other environmental variables. Magnetic Reversals – Earth’s north and soul magnetic poles have reversed repeatedly in the past. Because they affect the entire planet, they have left their record on rocks throughout the world.
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