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Midterm study guide 08 - Sociology 371 Criminology Spring...

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Sociology 371 – Criminology Spring Quarter 2008 STUDY GUIDE FOR THE MIDTERM EXAM The midterm exam for Sociology 371 will take place on Thursday, May 1 st during lecture. Please be sure to bring (a) a bluebook; (b) a scan sheet (the large version, which you may purchase from the bookstore); (c) a number 2 pencil; and (d) a ball point pen. TOPICS TO BE COVERED The midterm will cover the following topics (which includes topics covered by the quiz), including the readings listed plus the lecture material through methods and causality (lecture material for April 28 th ), but not measurement of crime . I. Introduction to the Course Definition of Criminology II. Definition of Crime and Law A. Legalistic Definition of Crime. 1. Legally acceptable defenses. 2. Criminal intent and insanity defense: M'Naghten rule, Durham rule, Substantial capacity test (Brawner rule). 3. Strict liability laws (public welfare offenses). B. Definition of Criminal Law. 1. Ideal characteristics: politicality; uniformity; specificity; penal sanction. 2. Criminal vs. civil law; common vs. statutory law. C. Readings: Short, James F., Jr., “Introduction: On Crime, Criminals, and Criminologists.” Pp. xviii-xix in Crutchfield et al. (2008). Hagan, John, “Defining Crime: An Issue of Morality.” Pp. 1-9 in Crutchfield et al. (2008). LaFree and Dugan, “How does Studying Terrorism Compare to Studying Crime?” Pp. 103-112 in Crutchfield et al. (2008). Huff, C. Ronald, “Historical Explanations of Crime: From Demons to Politics.” Pp. 10-19 in Crutchfield et al. (2008). III. Classical School of Criminology A. Historical Background B. Four Theoretical Assumptions C. Principles of Justice D. Criticisms IV. Deterrence and Rational Choice A. General vs. Specific Deterrence; Marginal vs. Absolute Deterrence
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This note was uploaded on 10/24/2008 for the course SOC 371 taught by Professor Matsueda during the Spring '08 term at University of Washington.

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Midterm study guide 08 - Sociology 371 Criminology Spring...

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