10-8-08 Arch 350 - mounds Goods like obsidian and jade...

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10-8-08 General Terms : Mesoamerica Pre Columbus civilizations, architecture that is an example of the built environment being formed from the natural. Spiritually charged landscape. Ritual pyramid construction. Middle America – northern part of central America to southern part of northern America. Preclassic Period -Olmec Culture , ca 2000 BC- AD 400 Ancient Pre-Columbian people living in the tropical lowlands of south-central Mexico, in what are roughly the modern-day states of Veracruz and Tabasco Building Types : Temple-Pyramid Ball Court Key Terms : Geoglyph - drawing on the ground, or a large motif Mound – Large imitation of mountain, natural shape, raised pyramid like shape. Platform - Key Works : La Venta, Mexico, ca 800-400 BC – Temple mound, pyramid. Close relationship with nature, manifests in architecture. One of the oldest known Mesoamerican city. Groupings oriented to compass, with artifacts in the reliefs of the stone. To build the centers they drained marshes and raised the ceremonial
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Unformatted text preview: mounds. Goods like obsidian and jade, indicates trade with other regions. Went to great lengths to obtain precious stone. Imported tons of basalt stone to create complexes. Little locally abundant stone. Natural shape to the mound, replicates the natural form the mountain. Sat atop platform. Reculiniarly disposed forms. Raised temples to elevate the function of worship. Imitation of a mountain. Great Pyramid, Ball Court Geoglyph, Nazca Plain, Peru, ca AD 500 Lines constructed in the Nazca plain, collection of geoglyphs. System of straight lines, some parallel and geometric shapes. Only discovered after first aerial flights were taken over the area. Figure representations of different animals, monkeys, birds, hands, insects, flowers, trees. Serpent Mound of the Adena, Adams County, Ohio, ca 800 BC on Epigee mound because it is in the form of an animal. Following natural lie of the land. Located on plateau overlooking a creek. Believed to look like the curved look of the snake....
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10-8-08 Arch 350 - mounds Goods like obsidian and jade...

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