10-13-08 Arch 350 - Dividing wall in center of town...

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10-13-08 General Terms: Middle Kingdom, ca 2000-1600 BC Reunification of Egypt under Mentuhotep (ruled 2061-10 BC) Building Types: Ka-House - Granary - a storehouse for threshed grain or animal feed. In ancient or primitive granaries, pottery is the most common use of storage in these buildings. Rock-cut tomb – replicates facade of house. Tomb cut into stone, Beni Hasan Key Terms: Barrel vault - is an architectural element formed by the extrusion of a single curve (or pair of curves, in the case of a pointed barrel vault) along a given distance. The curves are typically circular in shape, lending a semi-cylindrical appearance to the total design. Pillar Key Works: Worker's Town of Kahun , (el-Lahun), Egypt, ca 1900 BC – All that is let at Kahun is the remnant of the pyramid and nearby worker town. 3000 individuals surrounded by wall (town housed people that built the pyramid. Orderly checkerboard plan, entrance through the east wall. Streets bisect town.
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Unformatted text preview: Dividing wall in center of town indicates separation in social structure. Domestic structures were up to 70 rooms. Workers house – dried mud brick, roofed with hood poles and beams. Plaster over the outside. Flat roofed with vented skylight structure (because they didn’t have light from side windows. Oriented toward north for cross venilation. Elite Houses – noble homes larger, more stone, better venilation. Worker's Village of Deir-el-Medina , Egypt, ca 1600 BC middle kingdon Town Plan, House Worker town – Three part houses (upper class) main reception area, private living area, workroom/bedroom, and kitchen. Buildings above ground (for tombs) becomes downplayed. Tombs of workers have small tiny pyramids marking tomb. Rock-cut tomb, Beni Hasan , Egypt, ca 1900 BC Examples of 39 tombs, middle kingdom, ruling class people. Tripartite three part division. Remarkable because of wall paintings (everyday life)...
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10-13-08 Arch 350 - Dividing wall in center of town...

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