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Mid Term Review Test Format 3 Parts equal weights Slide Identification 7 Slide IDs (2 images) identify work – name, location, date, several points of significance (2 minutes each) Key Terms 8 definitions – Form – material – composition, function purpose use, significance, example from key works One of three essays Read all questions, select the one most specific to you. Thesis, support, conclusion Test Strategies Lecture Review Dwelling – Mezhirich Ukraine Banpo Village Response to climate Natural Shelter – Lascaux – different uses for different spaces Three types of construction post and frame, waddle and daub Banpo Village and Hut
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Unformatted text preview: Settlement Catal Hoyuk Anatolia Turkey Reflection of mud brick Skara Brae – Use of stone rubble masonry – semi buried in walls around them Monuments – tomb Passage Tomb Newgrange Ireland – passage tomb. Stonehedge Salsbury England – ESSAY PROBABLY First Cities – Jericho 7000 BC – fortification – citidel – ziggurat of UR elevated structure – Mohenjo Daro – citadel upper and lower seperation great bath – Messoamerican cities – la venta North South axis pyramidal shape Geoglyph Peru. Earthen works Serpent mound of adena – adams count ohio, Pyramid – zosers funeral complex...
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