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Mid Term Review Test Format 3 Parts equal weights Slide Identification 7 Slide IDs (2 images) identify work – name, location, date, several points of significance (2 minutes each) Key Terms 8 definitions – Form – material – composition, function purpose use, significance, example from key works One of three essays Read all questions, select the one most specific to you. Thesis, support, conclusion Test Strategies Lecture Review Dwelling – Mezhirich Ukraine Banpo Village Response to climate Natural Shelter – Lascaux – different uses for different spaces Three types of construction post and frame, waddle and daub Banpo Village and Hut
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Unformatted text preview: Settlement Catal Hoyuk Anatolia Turkey Reflection of mud brick Skara Brae Use of stone rubble masonry semi buried in walls around them Monuments tomb Passage Tomb Newgrange Ireland passage tomb. Stonehedge Salsbury England ESSAY PROBABLY First Cities Jericho 7000 BC fortification citidel ziggurat of UR elevated structure Mohenjo Daro citadel upper and lower seperation great bath Messoamerican cities la venta North South axis pyramidal shape Geoglyph Peru. Earthen works Serpent mound of adena adams count ohio, Pyramid zosers funeral complex...
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