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10-24-08 General Terms: Qin (Chin) Dynasty, 221-206 BC Ying Zheng, First Emperor – signifigant heavy control over subjects example – book burning - Han Dynasty, 206 BC- AD 220 Building Types: Mausoleum Pagoda Key Terms: Parapet – stone wall structure typically used for defensive purposes Battlement – parapet with alternating merlons and crenels Bracketing – supportive or decorative structure consisting of two pieces – one flush with the wall the other flush with the overhanging piece, both forming a 90 degree angle. Key Works: Tomb of the First Emperor, Lishan, China, 246-210 BC - unexcavated, located with pits of famous armies of guardian soldiers.
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Unformatted text preview: Guardian terracotta soldiers made in prosession, some on horback, covered with roof system and woven fiber mats. Small part of what is believed to be a larger unfinished tomb. Set up in a battle formation with walls between. Immortal guards of the emporer. Rammed earth construction dividing the armies. Great Wall of China, ca 300 BC- AD 1600 - Wall took advantage of natural topography to shore up the defensive structure of the land. Early wall chin wall built into the later walls (some were left out). Wall was stationed with watchtowers, used as communications. Han wall – rammed earth – 200 BC – AD 220....
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