10-10-08 Arch 350 - 101008 GeneralTerms:

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10-10-08 General Terms: Old Kingdom , ca 2600-2150 BC - The Old Kingdom is the name commonly given to that period in the 3rd millennium BCE when Egypt attained its first continuous peak of civilization in complexity and achievement – this was the first of three so- called "Kingdom" periods, which mark the high points of civilization in the lower Nile Valley (the others being Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom). God-King/ Pharoah - who was the religious and political leader of ancient Egypt, during the New Kingdom. Meaning "Great House", it originally referred to the king's palace, but the meaning loosened over the course of Egyptian history until it became interchangeable with the traditional Egyptian word for king Architect – Imhotep first known architect – politically connected Building Types : Mastaba – bench, long rectangular solid mounds, markers for underground tombs. The body is below not inside. A mound made recto liniar. Pyramid – stacked mastaba to create elevation, high on the desert plane. Evolution from mastaba to larger pyramid.
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10-10-08 Arch 350 - 101008 GeneralTerms:

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