10-1-08 Arch 350 - 10/1/08Arch350Prehistory3Monument

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10/1/08 Arch 350 Prehistory 3- Monument Assignment due Monday October 13 th Concentrate for test on Key terms/works General Terms: Bronze Age , ca 3000-850 BC – Newgrange and Stonehenge were on the edge of the Neolithic period. Megalithic - structures made of such large stones, utilizing an interlocking system without the use of mortar or cement. Why? Mark a spot, ritualistic, recognizes the human presence. Building Types: Dolmen – tomb made with posts and lintel – creating an interior. Shaft grave - Passage grave – basic stone tomb (kind of dolmen) with long corridor leading to a chamber. Walls made up of stone, stacked. Successive use of the burial chamber, used over and over again. Key Terms: Tumulus/Barrow - covered stone dolmen (example – covered with earth to form a tomb and interior. Barrow – earthen mounds, circular sometimes with human remains inside tomb. Menhir – First category of megalithic constructions, vertical in the ground, large long square (sometimes tapered) stone. First basic building block, ambiguous
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10-1-08 Arch 350 - 10/1/08Arch350Prehistory3Monument

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