10-22-08 Arch 350 - circumambulation First thing built at...

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General Terms: Mauryan Period ca 300- 180 BC Buddhism (Buddha, 563-483 BC) Hinduism (Vedic texts, 1200-800 BC) Emergence of religions, Buddhism and Hinduism. Building Types: Stupa - temple mound, reliquary mound marks sacred place. Remains of Buddha. Chaitya – Cave temple carved out of hillside Vihara - Buddhist monastery Key Terms: Reliquary – receptacle for sacred objects or remains (could be a building) – tomb – rock cut architecture Torana – ceremonial gateway in Indian Buddhist and Hindu architecture, two or three lintels between two posts. Chattri – umbrella shaped finial symbolizing dignity, composed of a stone disk on a vertical pole Vedika – railing enclosing a sacred area (as a stupa) Key Works: Great Stupa, Sanchi, India, ca 200-100 BC – Reliquary mound temple – Large stupa acting as a pivot, center visual point. Sacred mountain, solid,
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Unformatted text preview: circumambulation. First thing built at site. Series of rings, axis creation. Circumambulation was worship. Translation of wood into stone, horizontal translation of wood construction. Gates are symbolic – prevent axial approach – walk around stupa while reciting vedic hymns. Stupa is a solid object. Caitya Hall, Karli, India, ca AD 100-25 – Rock cut architecture – Metaphor for religious growth. Two kinds – bahara and meditation hall. Horseshoe shaped arch, column marker at entry. Processional movement towards stupa. The rock carving was a pretense of supporting structure. Rock carvings throughout outside of façade. Mini stage set with horse shoe arch. Barrel vault with center naïve, circumambulation. Barrel vault decorated with arch beams. Barrel vault – remarkable columns with figures decorating top....
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10-22-08 Arch 350 - circumambulation First thing built at...

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