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BIS 2B Spring 2008 Stachowicz/Grosberg M IDTERM 1 S TUDY Q UESTIONS Below is a list of questions to guide your studying for the first midterm. These questions should give you some flavor for both the style of questions we ask and the material that is important. However, this is not an exhaustive list. There are other concepts we spent time on in lecture that may not be explicitly covered here, but could appear on the exam. Still, you can be sure that we will review this list when we are writing the exam. We strongly encourage you to consider thinking about and writing answers to these study questions as a PART of your preparation for the exam. In addition, you will also need to review anything we covered in lecture or discussion. Carefully reviewing the lecture slides we have provided for you as well as your own notes will also be an essential part of exam preparation. Your textbook will provide complementary information that may help you understand topics you are struggling with, and we encourage you to read the assigned readings if you have not yet done so. Exam format : 20-25 (or so) multiple choice questions, followed by a smaller number of fill in the blank, or short answer questions. Bring to the exam : a pencil for the multiple choice part of the exam to fill in the Scantron sheet (which we will provide) and a pen to fill in the answers for which you are required to write words on the page. Answers to fill-ins written in pencil on the test will not be eligible for re-grading. A calculator will not be required. A list of relevant equations and how they may be used on the exam is provided at the end of the study questions. S TUDY QUESTIONS : 1. Give 2 definitions of “species” and explain the strengths and weaknesses of each definition. 2. Compare and contrast the following terms: species richness, species evenness, and species diversity. 3. At what latitudes are the world’s deserts and rainforests located? Explain why the climatic conditions that favor deserts and rainforests at those latitudes exist. [NOTE: we answered this one at the beginning of lecture #3] 4. The intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) is ________________________. (define). In July the ITCZ is located: (a) north of the equator (b) south of the equator (c) right on the equator (d) at 10° S latitude
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Study Questions, 1 st Midterm Page 2 BIS 2B Spring 2008 5. Why does the vegetation on the west slope of the Sierra look very different from the vegetation at the same elevation on the east slope? Be sure to explain what drives the climate differences between the east and west slopes. 6. Contrast autotrophs and heterotrophs in terms of how they acquire energy and nutrients.
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BIS2B_Exam1_StudyQuestions - BIS 2B Spring 2008...

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