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Coca Cola Analysis statement

Coca Cola Analysis statement - The Coca-Cola Company The...

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The Coca-Cola Company The Coca-Cola Company has a history of being “a sustainable growth company” through “exciting acquisitions and joint ventures; innovative marketing initiatives; and new partnerships” (2007 Annual review). The Coca-Cola is maximizing its acquisition strategy to “selectively broaden” its beverage portfolio and “drive profitable growth” (The Coca-Cola Company, 2003). One of the first strategic acquisitions for the Coca-Cola Company was Minute Maid in 1960. This acquisition was the “first venture outside of soft drinks” (The Minute Maid Company, 2008). When Coca- Cola was looking to grow its focus on niche beverages in 2001, they acquired Odwella Inc. Odwella, Inc. product line was in the “fresh fruit and vegetable juices, dairy-free shakes, smoothies and spring water” (Simao, 2001). The Odwella “products are sold in a bout 5,000 supermarkets, natural food stores, convenient stores and other retail outlets” (Simao, 2001).
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