Oracle acquisition of BAE Systems

Oracle acquisition of BAE Systems - Oracle acquisition of...

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Unformatted text preview: Oracle acquisition of BAE Systems In January 2008, BEA Systems had agreed to the acquisition by Oracle (Pezzini, et al., 2008). This acquisition could give Oracle a big boost to “emerge as a peer to IBM and Microsoft, the current middleware leaders” (Pezzini, et al., 2008). The BEA Systems deal was for “$8.5 billion or $19.375 per share in cash” (Pezzini, et al, 2008). Oracle’s acquisition motivation was “to gain market share in the lucrative mission-critical platforms space and to penetrate new geographies” (Pezzini, et al., 2008). Oracle will have more focus in the China market, due to BEA was the “leading middleware vendor” (Pezzini, et al., 2008). After this acquisition, Oracle “will emerge as a portal, process and middleware vendor with revenue second only to IBM, the market leader” (Pezzini, et al., 2008). This acquisition merger “will create short-term opportunities for vendors such as IBM” (Pezzini, et al., 2008). The market is likely to see further consolidation “as the second-tier players try to gain the critical...
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