35101012 - Thomas G Brown Ph.D   Complex reflexes compensatory responses     Conditioned   Stimulus substitution –  But CR and UCR can

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Unformatted text preview: 9/22/08 Thomas G. Brown, Ph.D.   Complex reflexes compensatory responses   Psychoneuroimmunology   Conditioned   Stimulus substitution –  But, CR and UCR can be very different –  UCS devaluation –  Conditioned compensatory response   Drug   Body tolerance attempts to compensate for what the drug does   Behavior Systems Theory –  Appropriate activation 1 9/22/08   Information - Attention –  Necessary condition –  Sufficient condition –  Necessary and sufficient condition   Informative   Reliable or redundant or unreliable   Is temporal contiguity a sufficient condition?   Experimental Group A ⇒ UCS A+B ⇒ UCS B       Control --------A+B ⇒ UCS B Group Blocking Prior experience affects temporal contiguity’s “sufficiency” Experimental Learn A Learn B Recall B Control --------- Learn B Recall B Proactive Inhibition (Interference) Group Group         A+B ⇒UCS A or B one is associated (“selected”)   Overshadowing   Obviousness or novelty   Still questions simple contiguity   Rescorla-Wagner   Only 2 9/22/08 3 ...
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