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ANS 313 Exam 3, October 17, 2007 Name: ________________________ Labgroup: ____ (100 points; 2 points/question) Complete scantron for all answers. You may keep this for your records. True/False 1. T F Much of the requirement for leucine could be met by feeding its respective ketoacid because what animals really require is the amino acid’s carbon skeleton. 2. T F Without exception, proteins must be broken down to amino acids, di-, and tri-peptides to be absorbed 3. T F Wheat is low in lysine, but peanut butter has quite a bit of lysine. So if you ate wheat bread with peanut butter for lunch, the amino acid balance would be relatively good. 4. T F Sometimes young animals require a specific AA in their diets, but once they are older they can synthesize adequate amounts so that it is no longer “essential”. 5. T F Raw soybeans should never be fed to any mammal because they contain an enzyme that inhibits the digestion of protein. 6. T F If starch intake of a cow is increased, microbial protein yield will likely increase unless rumen pH drops considerably from the increase in fermentation acids. 7. T F The AA balance of alfalfa is of little concern for a dairy cow because cows simply do not get that much Rumen-Undegraded Protein from alfalfa. 8. T F The N recycling that occurs in a ruminant is useful to a high producing dairy cow fed a 19% CP diet. 9. T F Rumen microbial protein has a higher biological value than the protein of cereal grains. 10. T F In general, the amount of water an animal drinks is not affected by the % moisture in its diet. Matching 11-14 (use each answer only once, one answer will not be used) 11. ____ Sulfur-containing AA, not used as a building block to make protein but essential for cats 12. ____ Sulfur-containing AA, methyl-donor, often first-limiting for birds 13. ____ Basic AA, generally considered essential, first-limiting AA of cereal grains 14. ____ Branched-chain AA, essential, may regulate protein metabolism, corn has lots of it. Choices: a. lysine b. taurine c. leucine d. methionine e. none of these Matching 15-18 (use each answer only once, one answer will not be used) 15. ____ Similar in structure to phenylalanine and decreases the need for phe in the diet 16. ____ Part of the urea cycle; not used as a building block to make protein 17. ____ Part of the urea cycle; generally considered essential, but adult mammals can make their own 18. ____ Large neutral AA, precursor for making serotonin Choices: a. ornithine b. tryptophan c. arginine d. taurine e. none of these Multiple Choice (only one best answer per question) 19. ____ Which of the following consists only of the ten AA that are generally considered essential? a. lys, leu, tyr
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2007__Exam_3_with_key - ANS 313 Exam 3 Name Labgroup(100...

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