Week2 portfolio - GBE Portfolio Framework Week 2 Thinking...

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Unformatted text preview: GBE Portfolio Framework Week 2 Thinking about your learning this week Write a brief paragraph about your participation in Professional Practice, Economics, and Social Science classes this week. (Some ideas for you to consider writing about: What sort of activities did you participate in? For example, paired discussions, group discussions, presentations to the class, research activities, writing exercises? What topics were these activities on? If you asked questions, what did you ask? If you offered ideas to your group or the class what were these ideas about? What did you learn from your various participations? How do you feel about your participation? How can your participation improve?) As a class we have traded beer and coke. Students traded within their tables and some with other tables. Some students did not trade at all, whereas others just added some words on their sheets to make their coke or beer more appealing to others to trade. As I had only beer I exchanged 2 cokes for a bottle of beer, because I thought beer is more expensive than coke. As I did not know what was going to happen later I just wanted to stick to my beer and not trade for more coke. If the teacher set a goal for our trading, I would have traded differently in order to achieve the goal. This activity was to show students tastes, ideology, how markets and price mechanism work. Also during the classes we had to conduct brief research based on the critical reading article. We looked at 2 websites to find answers to our given questions. I have learned that we shouldn’t believe everything that is written by the employer about their employees. What readings have you completed this week? For example, recommended readings for the paper; websites or newspaper articles that are related to the themes of this paper?...
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Week2 portfolio - GBE Portfolio Framework Week 2 Thinking...

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