Week3 portfolio - Week 3 Portfolio Thinking about my...

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Week 3 Portfolio Thinking about my learning this week What are your strengths and weaknesses as a student? My strengths as a student are: I always attend my classes Punctual Ask my peer students or lecturers if I have a question or don’t understand something I try to read all the prescribed readings Find additional information from sources outside the prescribed readings My weaknesses as a student include: Procrastinator Long lectures tire me I have a short memory What can you do to address your weaknesses? To overcome my procrastination I am trying to do my assignments just after they have been handed out to me or at least read the instructions. So I know what to ask the teacher if I have any questions before start doing my assignments. Some days I have two lectures in a row. I drink coffee to stay awake and pay attention in the class. To overcome my short memory sometimes I take memory enhancing supplements and usually try to review important concepts. What readings have you completed this week? For example, recommended readings for the paper; websites or newspaper articles that are related to the themes of this paper? h
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This note was uploaded on 10/24/2008 for the course 1 YEAR 475130 taught by Professor Na during the Spring '08 term at Auckland University of Technology.

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Week3 portfolio - Week 3 Portfolio Thinking about my...

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