Project2 - COMP 303 MIPS Processor Design Project 2: 32-bit...

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COMP 303 MIPS Processor Design Project 2: 32-bit ALU Implementation Overview: In the first three projects for COMP 303, you will design and implement a subset of the MIPS32 architecture in Logisim, a software logic simulator. The goal of these projects is to move you from designing small special-purpose circuits, such as those you designed as homework exercises, to building complex, general-purpose CPUs. We will be implementing a basic 32-bit MIPS processor. We will ignore more advanced features such as the MIPS coprocessor instructions and traps/exceptions. Read this document entirely, paying special attention to the section “Deviation from the MIPS standard”. We will be using Logisim, a free hardware design and circuit simulation tool. We have implemented a library of components to help you, and Logisim comes with libraries containing basic gates, memory chips, multiplexors and decoders, and other simple components. You may use any of these basic components in your designs, but you may not use the Logisim arithmetic library anywhere in your design. If you wish to download additional libraries from the web to use in your design, please check with the course staff for approval. Academic Integrity. As one of the most widely studied architectures, MIPS has a wealth of information available on the web and in textbooks. You may consult any of the MIPS architecture documentation available to you in order to learn about the instruction set, what each instruction does, etc. But we expect your design to be entirely your own. If you are unsure if it is okay to borrow from some other source, just ask the TAs, and give credit in your
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Project2 - COMP 303 MIPS Processor Design Project 2: 32-bit...

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