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COMP 302: SOFTWARE ENGINEERING FALL 2008 PROJECT PROTOTYPE DESCRIPTION You are required to build a prototype of the Fakebook software that you will later carry out as a group project. The requirements for this prototype are described below. You are required to carry out this part individually and you will be graded individually. PART I (due by 11:59 pm, Tuesday, October 21, 2008, worth 10% of your class grade) You should provide the capability to - create a new Fakebook account, and - log in to and view an existing Fakebook account For Part I, each user’s account only holds the following personal information: 1. Full name 2. E-mail address 3. Date of birth 4. Gender 5. City of residence 6. Password To log in to Fakebook, a user must have a valid account. To create an account, the user must provide the information above by filling out a web form. If there is no other account in Fakebook under the same name or email, and if all of the rest of the information is provided properly, the user is allowed to create an account. Otherwise, an error message is displayed, no profile is created and the user is asked to start over. If you have a valid account, when you log in to Fakebook, the information in items 1-5. Your password should be hidden when you are logging in. Fakebook should display a message that indicates how many days there are before the member’s birthday. For example.
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This note was uploaded on 10/24/2008 for the course COMP 302 taught by Professor Stasiran during the Fall '08 term at Koç University.

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