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test14 - 14 What is the fimction ofxylem(2 m/L 0...

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Unformatted text preview: \ 14. What is the fimction ofxylem? (2 m /L +0 Hw-iegiorir H1O 2i hut-r: Wit" m ”i’i/UL teet— oi‘ Wu l9 \em ‘l' 15. What is the function ofphloem? (2 in 4/ ’DHM'5VON' ifiocl WmughOWi“ m {Newt T 16. What is the name of the currently—accepted hypothesis that explains the origin of eukaryotic cells? ('1. Fit) 7/ end QW‘MlmlifilS 3 17. Identify three (3) subdivisions (fields) within botany and briefly explain what each area studies. (3 p) bimigglmtb — smite, “it"ieelifiestiuw WOQOjtqd Cldcfilpyino} Pkg/H- thflogu ' men 0’? ”Wares/latte working 5" 6‘? “(U15 18. Identify the three tissue types in plants. Next to each write the primary meristem that gives rise to this tissue type. Then provide one example of a cell tyne that could be found within Cl this tissue type. (q Pi) Tiseuw )0 ill Qri SWJYl CK»! (<32 DUEM fl Vm‘xbcleirm —-:7 EPMEWJ \lCLCoCLAictr “7 PF o €959;me ———~7 Misfit: l phloem ____..> CWOWICi iiiW‘lQJi’Eltlfl ”7 RNM‘iticthQJ COlinlclltji‘iia} ' " ch-Viitchqmm GlFOfiMCi ...
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