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ANS 313 Exam 4a . 2007 Name: _______________________________ Lab group code: ______ 80 points. 2 pts per question. Complete scantron sheet for all questions. True/False. 1. T F Milk products are often included in swine starter diets. Perhaps the baby pig likes the taste, but otherwise there is no scientific basis for this practice—it is a basically a marketing gimmick for feed companies. Even early weaned pigs can do fine on a diet of corn, soybean meal, and mineral/vitamin supplements. 2. T F In the last 2 to 4 weeks before calving, dairy cows should be fed diets high in legumes (and high in the cations Na and K) to help prevent the drop in blood Ca at calving. 3. T F The crude protein fed to finishing beef cattle should contain a high percentage of bypass protein to improve gains. 4. T F Assume an African great green-speckled salamander eats only crickets in its zoo environment. One way to ensure that it gets enough calcium would be to feed the crickets a high calcium diet. 5. T F Many dogfoods contain ground corn, soy proteins, and rendered animal products. This is completely unacceptable and is a major cause of the health problems veterinarians see on a daily basis. 6. T F One advantage of ensiled forages compared to hay is that animals tend to waste less of the food during eating. 7. T F Contrary to popular practice, horse foals, even when born in a pasture system, should always be given iron shots shortly after birth because mares milk is very low in iron. Multiple choice. Choose one best answer per question. 8.___ In your broiler project, you were instructed to mix the mineral, vitamin, and methionine supplements together first, then to mix with some soybean meal, and to add the oil last on top of the ground corn. Why? a. to make sure you did not make a big mess b. to make sure you did not waste the oil which was expensive c. to make sure all the ingredients were mixed uniformly d. to make sure you did not waste the vitamin mix which was expensive 9. ___ To maximize the likelihood of reproductive success in most female animals, this should be supplied at or above its requirement during the time around breeding. a. energy b. protein c. calcium d. fiber e. none of these 10. ___ This form of phosphorus is found in plant seeds and is not very available to swine. a. calcinate b. pinnate c. phytate d. propiate e. none of these 11. ___ You have 7 fat steers and 7 lean steers, but they all weigh the same and are the same age (~12 months old). You feed them another 3 months on a high grain diet ad lib. How will they likely respond? a. the fat steers will eat more and gain more weight per day b. the thin steers will eat more and gain more weight per day c. the thin steers will eat more but not gain more weight per day d. both groups will eat the same amount and gain the same amount per day 12. ___ A good management strategy for feeding sows in early gestation in groups instead of individually is: a. If they are fed at once, make sure feeder space is limiting so all the sows eat quickly.
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2007_Exam_4a_with_key - ANS 313 Exam 4a . 2007 Name: _ Lab...

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