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Exercise 3 - GWST 310 4-16-08 Jamal Weaver Exercise 3...

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GWST 310 Jamal Weaver 4-16-08 Exercise 3 Global Feminism is defined as feminism that cuts across cultures and unites women’s struggles from many parts of the world. Ethnocentrism as a term to describe a person who’s views their own culture as superior or right, and rejecting the way other cultures view issues. This presents a problem for uniting women around the world to achieve global feminism. If a woman in the United States is concentrated on an issue of fair wage but a woman in a developing nation is concentrated on her reproductive rights and basic necessities there is no unity among the cause. This is especially visible in the United States with religious differences a Christian women may not see the views of a Muslim woman and their objectives for achieving unity and global feminine equality. Three issues that I believe should be addressed to achieve global feminism should first the issue of achieving global universal education. Education is something that no one on this Earth can take from you and it can empower women and really anyone to aspire and
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Exercise 3 - GWST 310 4-16-08 Jamal Weaver Exercise 3...

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