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Jamal Weaver AMST 310 5-5-08 Personal Response Journal Question #2 2) Pick a section of the newspaper (e.g. sports, international, comics, etc.) and tally the number of male-named writers, female-named writers, and gender-neutral-named writers. Comment on your findings. (Be sure to include the name of the newspaper and which section you used.) I chose the science section from today Wednesday March 5 th s New York Times. The number of male versus female writers was striking. I thought I would see many more male writers than female writers but that wasn’t the case it came out to be the same with 6 female and 6 male writers. The articles ranged form in depth scientific breakthroughs to simple science hoopla such as A One-Eyed Invader in the Bedroom which was an article about how to keep your kids healthy by banning the bedroom television, which was written by a woman Tara Parker-Pope. I would think with the medical and scientific field mainly viewed as a male occupational sphere that there would be more male writers since the ones specializing in the facts of that field would be men. I noticed that there weren’t any neutral named writers for the section I chose, I am not sure why this is but probably due to simple chance. One thing I did notice though was that the complex articles on like gene mapping discoveries and malaria elimination articles were done by men which were longer and were more in depth. The simple articles ones just covering a story such as Hyenas social group
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hunt tactics and manners were written by women. I don’t have an explanation for the difference but it could be due to background knowledge of the field etc… 1)Watch a primetime sitcom and describe—physically and personality—the similarities and differences of the main female characters. Describe your reaction to this. (Be sure to include the name of the sitcom.) Briefly describe the plot line. Is there an authority figure on the show? What gender is that authority figure? Is there a difference between how the female and male characters are portrayed? Explain why or why not. The show I watched was called Weeds which is a show about an Orange county type mom who suddenly has to take care of her family and uphold her status in their upper- class society when her husband had a heart attack. The thing is she really doesn’t have a job. So the show is about how she becomes a marijuana dealer . The main character is a Caucasian female and her drug dealer is a black middle aged woman. This struck me as odd at first because most marijuana dealers are under the age of 30 and black males. The other main character her marijuana dealer lives in an Ok neighborhood and lives a typical normal life with the fact that she cultivates large amounts of marijuana in her home. The authority figure aspect is kind of loose with me because the authority shifts frequently with the marijuana dealer being big mama to an extent with teaching her the game of dealing and switching back to the main character Nancy who has children and takes care of her loser
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Response Journal - Jamal Weaver AMST 310 5-5-08 Personal...

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