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ANS 313 Exam 5a. 2007. Take-home. Name: _______________________________ Lab group code: ______ Minerals, Vitamins, and Nutrition Problems. Take-home portion. 35 questions. 70 points. Do not turn this exam in. You must complete it on ANGEL by November 21, 5:00 pm. Multiple choice. Choose one best answer per question. 1. ___ For most cationic trace minerals, which form would have the greatest bioavailability: a. sulfate b. chloride c. carbonate d. oxide e. azide 2. ___ You are investigating a nutrient deficiency in a Vietnamese Pot-Bellied pig. It is not growing well, does not eat much, has a rough hair coat, and thickened skin that seems like a bad case of dermatitis. Not only that but the poor pig was recently bitten by the owners dog and the wound does not seem to heal. What is likely deficient? a. Vitamin D b. Thiamine c. Niacin d. Copper e. None of these 3. ___ For which of the following nutrients is a deficiency almost never a concern (it rarely occurs)? a. Vitamin A b. Boron c. Magnesium d. Riboflavin 4. ___ If you accidentally fed 100 times the requirement of any of the following nutrients to a cat, for which one would a toxicity be least likely to occur? a. Vitamin D b. Sulfur c. Magnesium d. Thiamine 5. ____ If a herd of beef cows is eating way more mineral premix than expected based on requirements, the reason for the excessive intake might be: a. it contains a lot of molasses b. it contains a lot of salt c. the cows are not getting enough Fe in their diet d. it contains a lot of selenium 6. ____ Zinc functions in carbohydrate metabolism because it interacts with this regulatory hormone. (see book) a. insulin b. parathyroid hormone c. calcitonin d. all of these e. none of these 7. ____ These should almost always be supplemented to all animals in Michigan fed a low fiber diet. a. Se, Cu, and vitamin A b. Fe, Ca, and Mo c. Na, I, and vitamin C d. Se, I, and Na 8. ____According to pages 201 to 204 of your textbook, about 1/3 of liver copper is bound to this molecule: a. metallothionien b. ceruloplasmin c. cupric acid d. albumin e. none of these 9. ___ This completely natural food, is a great source of iron in an organic form that has high availability. a. broccoli b. spinach c. milk d. red meat e. Frosted mini-wheats Fill-in-the blank. Give full name of minerals or vitamins and spell correctly. 10. __________________The technical (latin) name for poor bone mineralization in an animal of any age. It literally means “softening of the bones”. 11. __________________High levels of this essential mineral cause diarrhea and interfere with copper metabolism. 12. __________________A trace mineral supplement contains 0.02% Se.
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2007_EXAM_5a_w_key - ANS 313 Exam 5a. 2007. Take-home....

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