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Code Key to Exam I Essay (this is the key to the letters on your exam): A. Too long (limit was 200 words). If you go too long on a letter to the editor, the editor will cut out pieces for you. It is better to decide what you want cut yourself. B. Not clear. I don’t understand your point. C. Misspellings and grammar problems. D. Poor organization. E. Weak conclusion. F. Misinformation. G.Be more convincing--use more facts and/or concrete examples. H.Don’t overstate your case. In doing so, you lose creditability. I. Unnecessarily confrontational. You won't win arguments this way. J. Be positive. State how animals could be used in an efficient manner by feeding them byproduct feeds or pasture. K. Be objective. Minimize discussion of your feelings. L. Respond to the statement about efficiency. Each sentence should be relevant to the problem. M. Generally it would be more efficient for humans to eat corn grain and soybeans directly rather than first feeding them to domestic animals. We only recover about 20-30% of the protein when grains are fed to animals and people eat the animals. Currently, much of the grain produced in the US is fed to livestock, so it is not used very efficiently. Thus, if Americans decreased their consumption of meat and ate more plant proteins directly, we would increase efficiency of human food production and be able to feed more people from our current land base or use the extra land for wildlife habitat or recreation. However, livestock also can be fed some things we won’t eat, such as cottonseeds, corn gluten feed, damaged grains, and human food waste. In addition, ruminants can graze land that is unsuitable for row crop production. If we were to completely quit eating animal products, these feeds would be wasted.
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Exam_1_Key_to_Essays - Code Key to Exam I Essay (this is...

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