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ECON991 Session 1, 2017 Assignment 2 Due date: 4pm Friday 26 May, 2017(i) at Business and Economics Student Services, E4B 106, and (ii) via Turnitin. Department of Economics
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Read these instructions CAREFULLY Objective: The objective of this assignment is to ensure sufficient coverage of topics that are in the syllabus for the actuarial professional subject CT7 that are not otherwise covered in ECON991. The topics included in this assignment include imperfect competition, globalization, international trade and international macroeconomics. Reading: Before attempting the problems in this assignment, you are required to read Frost et al., Chs 10, 11 and 12, Littleboy et al., Ch 15. In addition, you are required to read and Bernanke, B., Olekalns, N. and Frank, R. (2011) Principles of Macroeconomics Chapter 14, McGraw Hill, Australia – this chapter is available on iLearn. Instructions: Answer ALL questions, clearly and in your own words. Whenever required by the question, use diagrams to illustrate your answer. Also, provide any necessary numerical calculations that provide a support to your discussion or conclusions. The marks awarded will depend on the quality of the reasoning exhibited and the ability to express the argument in a concise manner. Marks: This assignment is marked out of a total of 50. You are reminded that the marks allocated for this exercise (i.e., the weighting) will count for 15% of the total assessment. Due date: The assignment must be submitted by 4pm on Friday 26 May, 2017 (week 11) at Business and Economics Student Services, E4B 106 and also via Turnitin. An announcement will be made providing you with instructions about how to upload your file to Turnitin by Week 6. In order to upload your assignment
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