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Study Guide for Exam 1 – MMG 301 Fall 2006 MMG 301 Summer 2005 Study Guide for Lectures 1-10 Scott Mulrooney Vocabulary : prokaryote, eukaryote, spontaneous generation, Koch’s postulates, phytopathogenic, turberculin, thermophilic, PCR, Winogradsky column, differentiation, microbial forensics Concepts know how the swan-neck flask experiment was performed; what did it demonstrate important key features of microorganisms contributions of Aristotle, Hooke, van Leeuwenhoek, Cohn, Spallanzani, Fleming, Beijerinck, Winogradsky, Fleming, Waksman, Petri contributions and diseases investigated by Pasteur, Koch; how did Pasteur save a child’s life – what disease did his intervention prevent; how did Koch try to prevent tuberculosis what is a semi-solid medium and how is it used to obtain a pure culture Vocabulary resolution, magnification, total magnification, empty magnification, resolving power, objective lens, ocular lens, Gram stain, counterstain, fluorescence microscopy, autofluorescence, atomic force microscopy, phenotype, genotype, parsimony, endosymbiosis, stromatolites, serovar, pathovar, evolutionary distance, corrected evolutionary distance, List of Bacterial Names with Standing in Nomenclature, Nanotomography Concepts what type of food additive was approved by the FDA on Aug. 18, 2006 for ready-to-eat meats and poultry; what type of bacteria did the additive kill (link to article under the Lecture 3 folder on Angel) differences between light and electron microscopes; simple vs. compound microscopes how is use of immersion oil beneficial to microscopy simple stains vs. differential stains; what are two examples of differential stains presented in class
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FS2006-Review_Exam1 - Study Guide for Exam 1 MMG 301 Fall...

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