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Study Guide for Exam 2 – MMG 301 Fall 2006 MMG 301 Summer 2005 Study Guide for Lectures 11-19 Scott Mulrooney Struct/Funct. Internal [Lecture 11] Vocabulary : nucleoid, supercoiling, plasmid, bacteriocin, polysomes, methylotroph, osmotically inert, biodegradable, glycogen, polyphosphate, magnetosome, bacteriocins, photic zone Concepts : how are bacteria able to fit very long DNA chromosomes into a small cell what are the characteristics of plasmids; what are the 4 major types of plasmids major components of the bacterial ribosomes – how is differs from eukaryotic ribosomes; how are ribosomes able to produce large amounts of protein in rapidly growing cells what are the types of internal membrane structures found in bacteria know the types of storage polymers used in bacteria for carbon, sugars, and phosphate; how are some of these potentially useful for biotechnology what type of granules are visible in Thiomargarita what proteins are gas vesicles made of; how do bacteria make use of them; what is the “hammer experiment” Vocabulary : macronutrients, micronutrients, cofactors, autotroph, heterotroph, phototroph, lithotroph, organotroph, chemoheterotroph, chemolithotroph, photoheterotroph, photoautotroph, fastidious, growth factor, growth factor analog, de novo synthesis, Durham tube, agar, sterilization, autoclave, pure culture, septum, endospore, propagule, sporulation, spore acid-soluble proteins, dipicolinic acid, Petroff-Hausser counting chamber, laser tweezers, serial dilutions, turbidity, Concepts : what are the functions of vitamins in the cell know differences between a defined and undefined growth medium; how is agar used to make semisolid medium differences between selective and differential culture media; how can production of gas by a culture in a tube containing a liquid growth medium be demonstrated
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FS2006SM-Review_exam2 - Study Guide for Exam 2 MMG 301 Fall...

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